Treats from Angelique Marschel:

Featured Author: Angelique Marschel

Know Your Worth

Big Debut

July  2018

Desperate One Vol 1

Big Debut

August 2018

Desperate Oneis Angelique's  Second big debut. What began as a simple love story slowly blossomed into a mind-blowing mysterious thriller, packed with romance, seduction, and betrayal. There is never a dull moment, it will keep you coming back for more,  She's currently working on several great projects. We can't wait to see what tangled webs she weaves next!

Know Your Worth is Angelique's Big Debut. This remarkable piece of work was co-written by Julian Samuel who has contributed to information within this book along with other helpful male participants who gave their point of view. This book is for informational use only & is not intended to male bash, but to help women all around the world realize that you need to "Know Your Worth".